Spray Wrap Pro Adhesion Primer (SWPX-P)

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All new AFX Adhesion Primer is applied before your SWPX when increased adhesion to the OEM surface is desired.

- Perfect when additional adhesion is desired on projects like blackout packages, wheels, over chrome or even entire cars when suitable.

- Spray SWPX-P with a 2.0 tip for best results (1.8 will work, but spray speed will be slower)

- Your first 2.5 coats (1 50% then 2 wet) will be SWPX-P, then proceed with SWPX as normal

- SWPX-P does add to mill build and peelability.  You will be substituting SWPX-P for the first gallon(s) of SWPX, not adding SWPX-P on top as additional gallons.  Overall number of base gallons per vehicle does not change.