KryptoBright Glow in the Dark Pigment

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KryptoBright Glow Pigment (25g).  Credited by KP to be the brightest and longest lasting Glow Pigment in the world!  Can be used for just about any project where Glow style pigments are needed.  Easier to use for smaller projects.  Mix into DYC Glossy DipPearl TopCoat.  See warning below for customers who wish to use this Glow Pigment on a full vehicle.

ATTENTION!  This particular color is not easy to spray.  It is not beginner friendly like some of our other colors and should be approached with caution.  This color is sold with zero warranty.  DYC makes no guarantee that you will be able to apply this pigment correctly nor mimic the results achieved by our professional installation team.  The brightness of the glow depends heavily on how it is charged. The pigments can be charged via standard light, the sun or UV/Black lights. The sun and/or UV light will charge much faster than other light sources.  DYC utilized our booth lights and UV lamps to charge the car before content was collected in an effort to show the viewers as much glow as possible! There is no guaranteed lifespan of these pigments.  There are no refunds or exchanges on this kit - please only purchase if you understand the installation may be challenging for some users.  DYC is not aware of regulations in every state, county and city.  There may be rules against driving glow in the dark cars on public roads.  Please confirm the suitability of this product before driving.